Acoustic and vibration engineering

Measering the noise level in a plant

The experienced specialists in our Acoustic and Vibration Engineering group focus on the noise levels of plants and plant components (forecasts/measurements), noise reduction plans, noise levels at the workplace, construction and room acoustics, public address technology, and the analysis of vibrations from machinery or structures.

Industrial companies and other businesses have to meet stringent requirements regarding noise levels in the areas surrounding their facilities. We act on behalf of companies at CHEMPARK sites to obtain the information requested by the authorities on noise emissions and monitor noise levels in the areas surrounding each site using fixed-position and mobile measuring stations. This enables any excessive noise levels – e.g. caused by faulty machinery – to be detected and remedied in good time. The portfolio of services we offer makes it much easier for companies to obtain permits for noise emissions.

More detailed information can be found in our catalog of services.

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