More than 70 companies specializing in production, research and services help generate synergies at CHEMPARK. Below you will find the company profiles of our CHEMPARK partners:

  • H
      • HDL Glas- und Kunststoffanlagenbau GmbH

        Our company is worldwide for about 30 years in technical glass plant in laboratory, pilot plant and production operations, as well as for about 16 years in general plastic piping and plant engineering, working for our satisfied customers. Our services include planning, delivery and installation of the above equipment. In the area of plastic plant, we process in addition to the usual plastics and m-PTFE (TFM), and E-CTFE and ETFE in the lining and coating of system components.

        Our approximately 1,000 m2 warehouse, in which all common glass parts are stocked, enables us to deliver in a short term the required glass parts to our customers.

        We are certified according to DGRL module A2, H and H1; AD 2000 HP0, 120R and N4; SCC, as well as specialist company according to § 19 WHG.

        ContactHans-Dieter Löhr
        CompanyHDL Glas- und Kunststoffanlagenbau GmbH

        CHEMPARK Leverkusen
        Building D 500
        D-51368 Leverkusen

        Phone+49 214 / 890 986-0
        Fax+49 214 / 890 986-29
      • Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

        At its Leverkusen site the Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG (HDE) with Heraeus Epurio produces and markets intrinsically conductive polymers (ICP). HDE is a business group belonging to Heraeus, a privately-owned company with a history going back 160 years. The core activities of HDE embrace precious metals and non-precious-metal materials used in the automotive, semiconductor, electronics, medical, and photovoltaic industry. Heraeus employs more than 14,900 people worldwide at more than 120 sites.

        Bernd Stenger

        Dr. Timo Meyer-Friedrichsen
        Site Manager Leverkusen

        CompanyHeraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

        Heraeus Epurio
        CHEMPARK Leverkusen / Geb. B 202
        D-51368 Leverkusen

      • Horst Götz GmbH & Co. KG Industriereinigung

        Horst Götz GmbH & Co KG has been active in the field of industrial cleaning since 1960. Their service comprises the cleaning of process equipment contaminated with any type of substance, but in particular the cleaning of containers, pipelines, heat exchangers and sewers, by means of high-pressure water technology to 3,000 bar and with suction vehicles and air conveyor systems.

        The catchment area of Horst Götz GmbH & Co KG is Germany and its neighboring countries.

        ContactHorst Götz
        CompanyHorst Götz GmbH & Co. KG Industriereinigung

        CHEMPARK Krefeld-Uerdingen
        Bldg. N 155
        47829 Krefeld

        Phone+49 2151 88 7664 / +49 2151 480261 
        Fax+49 2151 / 480262
      • HOYER GmbH Internationale Fachspedition

        The beginning of HOYER’s integration into the CHEMPARK Dormagen started with the operation of a state-of-the-art silo logistics plant in December 2000. Today customers can benefit from a sophisticated infrastructure. Not only a hazardous goods terminal plus rail tracks is operated but also synergy effects are provided for all container-related activities including general depot services. The hazardous goods terminal and facilities meet the utmost legal safety standards for hazardous liquid and dry goods in tank containers. The total site covers an area of almost 90,000 sqm.

        ContactMaria Schulte-Kröninger
        CompanyHOYER GmbH Internationale Fachspedition

        Alte Heerstr. 2
        D-41540 Dormagen

        Phone+49 2133 975-104
        Fax+49 2133 975-5274

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