End of the pandemic

CHEMPARK lifts measures under the Corona protection concept as of February 2

The CHEMPARK corona protection concept has provided valuable assistance in recent pandemic years in preventing infections at the CHEMPARK and minimizing work and production stoppages. It will now be lifted on 2 February. The legal prerequisite for this is the repeal of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on the same day. It will take place at the same time as the abolition of the obligation to wear masks in long-distance passenger rail transport.

The Federal Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance, which is now expiring, obliged companies and administrations to take infection control and hygiene measures until the end. Thus, the familiar distance, hygiene and ventilation rules still applied at the CHEMPARK.

Since the last wave last autumn, however, the incidence of infection had decreased significantly. In December, virologist Christian Drosten declared that the pandemic was over. Most recently, the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia announced that the obligation to wear masks in public transport and the obligation to isolate people infected with Corona would be lifted on 31 January.

Thanks for common sense, prudence and commitment

"With the Corona protection measures and the very successful vaccination campaigns at the sites, CHEMPARK and its partners have made a significant contribution to mastering the pandemic in terms of health and economy. This was only possible because practically everyone took part with common sense, prudence and, in some cases, great personal commitment - I'm thinking, for example, of our poster campaign on mask-wearing. Thank you! Hopefully we can now put this chapter permanently behind us!" says Lars Friedrich, CHEMPARK manager during the pandemic years and now head of Currenta's Business Unit Site.

The end of protective measures does not mean the beginning of carelessness, but rather the transition to personal responsibility. For example, wearing a mask can still be useful in certain situations, and hygiene measures such as hand-washing rules are generally recommended.

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