Coronavirus pandemic

Mandatory masks lifted at the CHEMPARK - continue to ensure distance and ventilation

Now that many measures have been withdrawn from public life, normality is returning more and more to the workplace. Thanks to your prudent actions, we have come through the pandemic well so far and together we dare to take the next step: lifting the obligation to wear a mask.

But more freedom also means more personal responsibility, as we all know only too well after two years of pandemic. We ask you to continue to exercise caution and to follow the existing rules (distance, hygiene and ventilation).

All information on the currently applicable coronavirus protection measures at CHEMPARK can be found on

Coronavirus: Code of conduct for employees, visitors, suppliers and customers

With numerous resident companies, employees and visitors, CHEMPARK is responsible for doing its part in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. To fulfil this responsibility, CHEMPARK has implemented various measures. We are doing all of this to prevent the virus from spreading within the factory premises as far as possible.

You will find current information and a code of conduct for employees, visitors, suppliers and customers here.

Special responsibility for visitors on the part of hosts

CHEMPARK remains open to visits from external parties in spite of the restrictions in place due to the pandemic. However, Factory Security would like to remind everyone that, particularly now, those hosting such visits are required to assume a special level of responsibility in this regard. They should ensure that the following points are observed:

  • Visitors may not at any time be left on their own while at CHEMPARK, rather should always be accompanied – at a safe distance – by their host or by an escort organized by the latter.
  • Hosts should be ready to meet their visitors at the shuttle service arrivals point and should also accompany them back to the shuttle.
  • Visitors should be informed of the need to wear face masks covering their mouth and nose in good time ahead of their visit.
  • Contact information for visitors and hosts and also the time and venue of any visits must be recorded as a means of enabling the tracing of the chain of infection, should this prove necessary.

It is mandatory to cover the mouth and nose if it is not possible to keep a minimum distance

To minimize the risk of infection in the CHEMPARK, the following applies in all situations where a minimum distance of 2 meters from others cannot be complied with safely: It is mandatory to cover the mouth and nose. Unlike at the supermarket, only the double layered coverings manufactured specifically for this purpose, along with double layered buff scarfs and certified protective masks are considered adequate mouth and nose coverings. Improvised coverings with scarves or neckerchiefs will not be accepted.

"In the past weeks there have been repeated isolated situations in which employees wanted to wear kerchiefs or head scarves as their mouth and nose covering", explains Erwin Schmidt, Head of the Intervention & Access Department at CHEMPARK Factory Security. "We therefore explicitly point out once again that all factory security personnel are instructed to constantly ensure that the rules are complied with."

Background: A regular mouth and nose covering (MNC) reduces the release and range of droplets when breathing and speaking - and of course when coughing and sneezing. The Robert Koch Institute also explicitly recommends wearing the covers. To effectively reduce droplets, however, it is necessary for the covering to be as tightly sealed as possible and that a suitable material is used. The mouth and nose coverings which have become ubiquitous in public - even if they are not certified - are manufactured specifically for this purpose and meet these requirements. A thin, single layer kerchief is insufficient at holding back fine droplets. A tie-up scarf is also not sufficiently tight.

More information for browsing and download

Canteens in the CHEMPARK

Ongoing suspension of regular operations – Possibility of on-site consumption in exceptional cases

In view of the persistence of excessively high incidence rates, regular canteen operations will remain suspended at all of the three CHEMPARK sites. This marks the observance by the partner and service companies in the CHEMPARK of the requirements imposed by the NRW Ordinance Governing Protective Measures against the Coronavirus (Corona-Schutzverordnung NRW) of 21/01/2021. All of the canteens in NRW continue to offer food to take away, however on-site consumption is generally not permitted and is only possible in exceptional cases. Exception: Employees who do not have a suitable and adequate break room at their disposal may consume their takeaway meals in the canteens under observance of strict hygienic conditions.

This exception to the rule is intended to enable solely those employees who do not have access to a break room deemed to be adequately suitable pursuant to the Protective Ordinance to consume meals under conditions which provide protection against the coronavirus. This approach has also been agreed upon with the local health authorities at the sites. It is necessitated by the fact that some businesses are equipped solely with kitchenettes with small communal areas, which are additionally often located in interior spaces without any windows. External employees do not even have such facilities at their disposal, which could, in practice, result in them being forced to consume meals whilst crammed together on the seats of the driver's cab of their vehicles. The capacious dining halls of the canteens, with sound protective concepts in place, regular ventilation, plenty of space on hand to ensure the maintenance of distance between seating areas and strict observance of hygiene measures, provide a more sensible alternative in such cases.

The assessment of the risks associated with company break rooms, and the issuance of corresponding recommendations for the workforce in question, is the responsibility of the works managers and is to be carried out on an individual basis for each business in line with the latter's own specific protective concept. Employees who are able to consume food on their company's premises under conditions which are in line with such a protective concept are advised to avoid on-site consumption of meals in the canteens, with a view to minimizing the number of individuals in the CHEMPARK with whom they come into contact to the greatest possible extent.

Procurement and distribution of special badges for accessing the factory from CHEMPARK pandemic level 4

We are currently at pandemic level 3.

Access to CHEMPARK will be restricted to the minimum employees essential for maintaining production and business operations upon issue of the highest pandemic level (level 4). Only those with key functions will receive special badges to continue entering the factory.

Procurement and distribution of special badges for accessing the factory from CHEMPARK pandemic level 4 - this is how you proceed

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