Political affairs and community dialogue

Staff at the CHEMPARK neighborhood offices are available for answering residents’ questions.

CHEMPARK is part of a multi-faceted community featuring a whole range of different interest groups. Employees in the Public Affairs Department are tasked with fostering ties between these groups and CHEMPARK with its variety of companies. The focus here is on the local communities surrounding the sites and their organizations – e.g. associations, societies, etc. – and political decision-makers at various levels (local authorities, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, national authorities and the EU).

The networks created in this way ensure close and regular exchange between CHEMPARK and local and regional disseminators – to the mutual benefit of everyone involved.
In addition, we took the next step and opened CHEMPARK neighborhood offices in the town centers of our three site locations. Through these we would like to further facilitate a constructive exchange with citizens, local residents and all interested parties and intensify these beyond the existing options.

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