CHEMPARK permits

Permits need to be obtained from the regulatory authorities for virtually all types of plants that are installed and operated. The main challenge here lies in the fact that the regulations and statutory requirements to be satisfied cover such a wide range of aspects, from construction, emissions control, wastewater and waste to occupational health and plant safety. We offer you comprehensive advice and management services for the whole spectrum of permit-related issues, including the provision of information on permit legislation and the management of all dealings with the authorities. Thanks to our full service offering, your permit problems will be a thing of the past.

In the field of permit legislation, we can help you by
  • Offering comprehensive advice
  • Establishing contacts with the authorities and handling negotiations
  • Providing support for the compilation of application documents and the management of permit procedures
  • Managing your systems continuously in terms of regulatory supervision and planned changes.
More detailed information can be found in our catalog of services.

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