Safety and security

We are responsible for your safety and security at CHEMPARK and provide optimal protection for everyone on the site, and for your production facilities and the site in general. We don’t just act when something happens, we take a proactive approach to prevent accidents or damage occurring in the first place. We do everything we can to eliminate the possibility of fires, product leakages and any other kinds of threat. However, as these can never be ruled out completely, we are committed to being fully prepared for such incidents.

The Safety & Security Business Unit of CHEMPARK operator CURRENTA manages occupational health and safety, fire prevention, health protection, safety, site security and infrastructure services.

Occupational health and safety management for safe working practices
Fixture for measurement to check whether hazardous substances are present in the air in the workplace.

Safe plants, accident-free working and healthy employees are decisive success factors. We help companies at CHEMPARK to meet their HSEQ obligations in terms of health protection, occupational safety, environmental management and quality management.

Our experts – experienced occupational safety experts, engineers and chemists – will advise and support you in all aspects of § 6 of the German Industrial Safety Act and the voluntary commitment to Responsible Care. Our wide range of services include the implementation of an integrated management system, the training of safety officers, hazard assessments, safety-related seminars and advice on machine safety, and much more besides.

We can also check whether hazardous substances are present in the air in the workplace using our accredited measuring center and also provide appropriate advice on handling hazardous substances.

Whatever we do for you, our goal is to protect people and the environment through preventive action.
Fire prevention
Equipment and training are aligned to the special requirements of the chemical industry.

Emergency response in a chemical park places the most stringent demands on the site fire department. Already during planning, our fire prevention experts are on hand to help customers with design aspects, e.g. ensuring that escape and rescue routes are laid out correctly, that fire-fighting installations are in place and that fire protection walls are in place and correct. They carry out fire inspections, work with the plants to draw up alarm and emergency response plans, and provide support for the inspection and maintenance of fire alarms and extinguishers. To be able to provide fast and professional help in an emergency situation, the fire department provides instruction in matters of safety and stages emergency drills with the plant.
Members of the plant site department and the emergency services are on-call 24/7 every day of the year. In the event of an emergency, dial 112 and they will be on the scene as quickly as possible.
Safety and Security Control Center
Our experts are available 24/7.

Our Safety & Security Control Center is your first point of call for all questions relating to safety-relevant incidents in the chemical park. If you have any general queries on safety, our employees are available 24/7 on extension 99399. In the event of an incident, the Safety & Security Control Center coordinates the emergency services to ensure efficient emergency response.

More detailed information can be found in our catalog of services.

Security Management


The core responsibility of site security is comprehensive security and safety management at the CHEMPARK sites. In other words, guarding and protecting the site from trespassers, maintaining safety and security on the site and taking appropriate action in dangerous situations. Within the context of the integrated emergency response concept, we have the expertise needed to respond to all incidents that impact on security and to ensure the protection of all facilities at CHEMPARK.

We also offer made-to-measure security solutions for virtually all requirements. These include, for example, conventional security services such as surveillance and safeguarding of property and events, but also advice and drawing up security analyses and concepts. We are your competent partner for all security issues, offering a round-the-clock service 365 days a year.

More detailed information can be found in our catalog of services.
Health protection
Healthy employees are productive and make a significant contribution to a company’s success. Our spectrum of health protection services extends from basic health care by company physicians through acute and preventive medicine, including biomonitoring to determine individual work-related stresses, to psychological counseling, substance abuse counseling and therapy and product-related medical issues. These services are complemented by new aspects of health management aimed at maintaining the long-term well-being of your employees.
More detailed information can be found in our catalog of services.

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