TECTRION – your partner for taylormade maintenance solutions

The specialist workshops and assembly areas run by TECTRION GmbH provide professional technical services and system solutions for production plants, logistics facilities and laboratory and administration buildings.
At the CHEMPARK sites Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen, TECTRION operates specialist workshops with skilled service staff, who perform complex maintenance work, handle downtimes and supply full-service packages at favorable prices and to a high quality in a multi-site network. On-call and emergency services are available around the clock.

TECTRION can offer professional and cost-effective production, assembly and repair of apparatus, machinery, pipelines and electrical and process control equipment – from planning to turnkey hand-over. It also provides these services in the role of general contractor. 
The company also provides consulting services for subgroups, service companies and CHEMPARK companies looking for optimal technical solutions, standardizations and improvements in the maintenance process. Additional services include the design and production of apparatus and special machinery for the chemical industry, spare parts management and a machine and equipment pool.
TECTRION’s strength lies in its expertise and customer proximity – employees work closely with customers on each job to make sure they find the perfect solution.

All services at a glance. (only in German)

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